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Foreign workers not welcome Anymore in the USA

President Trump says he favours a merit based immigration system that brings in highly skilled people ans creates jobs inside the US not take away jobs of Americans. He wants to sign a bill that no one thought could have been agreed on. Outsourcing hundreds of workers is especially detrimental in the middle of a pandemic,which has cost millions of Americans their jobs. The US Government is by far the largedt consumer of contracted information-technology work but data ande scarxe on how many H1Bs may be working on Governemnt contract work is being done overseas. Major silicon  alley based companies will be affected as most have extensive contracts with firms.This move is part of the make America great again campaign supported by the Trump administration.
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Indias Gold rush: Bullion gets shinier

Gold Imports have plunged to $79.14mn suring thebfirstctwocminths of 20-21. Owing a major fall in demand which is at its 26year low according to the World Global Council. Amid the clash in gold imports the Government  has approached jewellers and bullion dealers on how to tap Indias idle gold.The industry proposes aligning Income tax law with gold deposit schemes, raising gold holding  which provides  safetly and interest earnings. With Gold deposited in GMS , which provides investors save the storagencost for keeping their precious metal safe, still being able to earn an interest. Further they will be able to withdraw in the form of gold or cash and earn interest upto 2.5 percent per annum also further saving on safe deposit lockers  for saving their gold. Gems and Jewellery Export Promotion has  proposed to limk GMS with the income tax Act which states that jewellery upto 500gms per married woman, 250 gms per unmarried woman and 100 gms for every male member can be deposited. These n

United States and its influence on the world

After the II world war the growing hold of United states on the world was inevitable. United states used its military might and power to gain control and access over many countries of the world especially in the European regions and South East Asia. The United Nations was formed as a result of this pledge. More than 7 to 8 Presidents of the United states pledged to support the working of the United Nations. There was at least 1 organisation within the United Nations which was responsible for the working of our day to day lives. The United states slowly grew in power and influence over the world and established itself as a Global superpower. This however changes when President Trump came to power in the United States. The President has acted in all ways and means which are  a deterrent to its Power. It matches with the idea of making America great again and instills the feeling of patriotism among its citizens. After the corona virus pandemic the world was looking for a global leader bu

Why the Stock market is rallying

Due to fears of the corona virus pandemic the stock market plummeted to never seen before lows. However by the first week of June the stock market rallied and gained over 38 percent of what it had lost.  Experts suggest that the stock market should be in tandem with the economy of the country, but that does not seem to happen. Even with the economy in doldrums the stock market continues to rally to new highs. The basic function of the stock market  for the 400 years that it has been around is to raise capital and provide an economic impetus to the businesses. There are stock exchanges all over the world out of which the NSE being he largest companies of more than 21 trillion dollars in value listed.After the great depression countries around the world woes smaller retail investors to come forth and buy stocks. The idea to relate the happiness of the people to the stock market was profound and was sold to the public. As the stock market would rise people would get happier and buy more s

Politicised take over of Economies

In a world where the new normal is yet to be defined, with the Government spendings knowing no bounds and the stock market being poles apart from the real economic situation in many countries, changing roles of retail banks, the  Central bank and the Government are inevitable. During the depression of 1930's the biggest challenge facing the economies was to prevent further inflation. Later du During the crisis of the 1970s and 1980s preventing stagnation was the biggest challenge and now during the post pandemic era the challenge lies within the hands of the Governments to keep the business cycle running. A politicised take over of the economy is inevitable. To keep these takeovers from happening most countries invented the Central bank system which used a simple tool of interest rates to control inflation, spending and savings. Somehow most countries are nearing to lower interest rates system which will only increase inflation. The rising high prices along with lowered interest ra

Crude Prices and the effects on Global economy

Global crude prices are shifting further down due to fears of increasing corona virus numbers across the world and increased stockpiles of crude.  Even before demand was hit due to  the pandemic the Oil giants were looking to sell billions of dollars worth assets. BP e.g was looking to sell its stake in Purdhoe Bay which was a marvellous engineering feet for itself. Its eagerness to sell stake however comes from a fact that demand is not only going to take some time to come back but  oil  giants now want to shift to the best forms of hydrocarbons. They want to now own the cleanest forms of hydrocarbon energy. The risks of having costly stranded assets are growing only more obvious.  There used to be a lot of misinformation from the Industry stating that natural gas is a better form of energy than Crude etc. and that it burn least amount of hydrocarbons and also emits the least amount of carbon in the air. Reports now  suggest that natural gas is no more better than other forms of

How to Invest

Investing and saving post Covid has not only become a challenge but most people are further confused as to howq to make money in this bear market amist  lockdown. It is not so difficult to grow your money. You should keep in mind the liquidity requirment and your needs to invest. Some of the easiest methods are given below: 1) Saving bank account: Keeping your money in a savings bank account has high liquidity and very low returns. It is very easy to withdraw money from the savings account. The returns can be a range of 3 to 4 percent depending on the bank. There may be a cap on the maximum amount withdrawn. Opening a savings account is easy. All you have to do is walk into any bank branch. 2) Trading in share market: Trading in share market has gotten far more easier than before. All you need is a demat account and you can trade from the comfort of your house. You need to do some research on which companies you think will do well. Nowadays a lot of tips are available online. T